A psychedelic spring for Creatures of the Wind
Posted by on February 29, 2012 | 1:39 pm EST

Chicago-based designers Shane Gabier and Chris Peters of Creatures of the Wind have swept us away from the dull winter and into the psychedelic wonderland of Spring. Amid a sea of design fantasies that often fail at keeping in touch with wearability, we love how the up-and-coming designers have a unique vision that is naturally in tune with today’s style seekers.

Their ecstatic barrage of loud colors and bold prints a few months back unhinged our jaws, prompting a couple of days’ worth of recovery. Mended and ready for spring, we round up our favorite pieces from the collection that awaits the warm embrace of our spring wardrobe.

With such a slouchy silhouette, the electric yellow hue allows the dress to pop out like a dream. Breezy and bold, this is one chic spring statement we can’t wait to put on.

The look may be reminiscent of a conservative preppy school girl, but versatility is also at play in this look. The crisp buttoned top and the pleated floral skirt offer an invitation to endless styling possibilities.

The duo basked in imaginative understatement with this frill-free ensemble. This teal and blue collision gets a quirky twist with a yellow fabric peeking through the teal lace skirt. The cropped blue top is right on trend this spring.

Nothing screams spring like an acid pink dress. Creatures of the Wind took the already-bold look further to the edge of color overdrive and paired it with a vibrant printed blazer in shades of green, white and black. The outcome? A kaleidoscope look fit for spring.

Ease and comfort seemed to be what the duo was going for in this look and we’re into it. The basic long-sleeved top gets an asymmetrical update on the hem, and we adore the cool floral prints on the pants.

Images from Creatures of the Wind

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