A punch of graphics
Posted by on March 26, 2012 | 4:32 pm EST

Spring has barely warmed us up but we’re already eager for the arrival of Fall. We blame the barrage of in-your-face graphics that sashayed down the Erdem runway for this wild urge begging to let loose.

Erdem took us to the unchartered depths of the ocean with this dress. The refreshing color palette on this dress evoked images that seemingly went against the usual plums and maroons of the Fall season. For that alone, we love how Erdem let this piece serve as a continuation of the playful spirit of spring.

The most inspiring dress to have emerged during the show, Anais Pouliot modeled this simple blue dress to perfection. Again, the contrast between restraint and liberation—through the simple silhouette and intricate graphics—created a well-thought-of dress which could possibly transcend trend limits and move past the Fall season.

Erdem truly saved the best look for last. This dress drove us to the edge of our seats as it elegantly traipsed down the runway. The simple, understated silhouette teamed with the bold graphic play made this a truly memorable piece. Although it is not your cookie-cutter kind of evening dress, the black-white-and-blue color play managed to create a norm-breaking aesthetic which dearly appealed to us.

Images from Erdem

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