Alexander McQueen springs to the heavens
Posted by on February 3, 2012 | 8:58 am EST

Click through the slideshow to view the rest of the campaign images:

With each image tastefully translating creative director Sarah Burton’s deeply-romantic perspective, Alexander McQueen must be smiling down from the heavens upon seeing this stunning new campaign. Channeling an otherworldly sophistication, model Zuzanna Bijoch emerges as a modern-day goddess seemingly descending from her throne in ensembles of fiery red and coral pink. David Sims, who also lens-ed the brand’s Fall 2011 campaign, returns to capture this set of divinely poetic photographs. The ethereal campaign, which aligns itself with the collection’s homage to structured femininity and adventurous intricacy, is the best we’ve seen yet.

Images from Alexander McQueen

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