Alexander Wang fights back, denies sweatshop accusations
Posted by on June 6, 2012 | 11:35 am EST

Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang is not one to be messed with. After former employees Wenyu Lu and Flor Durante filed a class-action lawsuit last March suing Alexander Wang Inc. for unjust labor practices, the designer has taken the battle to the court. On Wednesday, Wang’s camp filed court papers denying all accusations made by “two disgruntled former employees with axes to grind.”

Although Wang has previously defended himself to the press that the accusations were completely false, it’s only this week that we see the case progress. Unwavering of its statement that they have been complying with all labor laws, the document called the plaintiffs’ “frivolous and entirely unsupportable” accusations as completely baseless. Wang’s camp also claims that the two only intend to “exact a substantial settlement from the defendants.”

Contrary to Lu and Durante’s accusations that Wang has failed to give them proper compensation, the document stated that the two sewers received $25 and $22 per hour, respectively. What about the 16-hour—or longer—work day that they were forced to comply with? The label counters that employees were allowed to take breaks. Paid vacations and holidays, medical and dental insurance, and other benefits were also provided to them.

Lu and Durante may have earlier painted a picture of a terrible and dingy factory as their workplace, but Wang maintains that the two have been falsely describing it. The legal paper reiterates that the company’s factory floor is in reality, a contemporary, well-lighted studio with high ceilings and large windows. Now, that’s a far cry from the window-less room that the two have reportedly been slaving away at.

With a three-month gap before Wang’s camp officially fought back, we’re assuming this legal showdown will see a long and arduous battle. Seeing how his flagship New York store got egged after the two filed the lawsuit, it seems like Wang is seriously armed and ready to stand his ground and defend his name.

Photo from Alexander Wang
With reports from New York Magazine

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