Anna Dello Russo ‘enjoys’ being watched by the new generation
Posted by on June 27, 2012 | 4:11 pm EST

Vogue Japan editor-at-large Anna Dello Russo is no Anna Wintour. Far from the latter’s aloof persona, Russo walks with a certain air of flamboyance that seemingly begs for attention. It is however, Russo’s high-fashion originality and risky style sensibility that truly make her unique. With such an infectious personality, it’s no wonder why Russo has become one of the most photographed fashion editors in the world. In fact, she’s grown accustomed to being the subject of street style snappers that she now fears not being photographed.

In a limo ride Luke Leitch of The Telegraph shared with the larger-than-life editor, Russo talked about her status as a street-style icon. “In the beginning it was a little embarrassing. But sometimes now I think: ‘Oh, if I do not get photographed I will be miserable’, or ‘Oh my god, the outfit does not work anymore.’ In a way, I enjoy that the new generation watches me. It gives me confidence,” said Russo.

With decades’ worth of experience scrutinizing fashion shows and the ostentatious way of showing her love for clothes, it’s almost necessary to ask if she envisions herself as the designer and not the critic. The experienced editor however, shared that being a designer is the last thing on her mind. “No, I would never want to design because I know that to do it well is hard, hard, hard. I like being and editor, and seeing everything,” Russo told Leitch.

Click through the slideshow above to see some of the editor’s most resounding looks during the Fall/Winter 2012 shows in Milan and Paris.

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