ASA bans American Apparel’s ‘sexually provocative’ ads
Posted by on December 7, 2012 | 1:20 am EST

American Apparel is at it again. The infamous retailer is in the headlines once again, after it posted a series of racy advertisement photos on its website. There is nothing wrong with putting up digital ads online, but with American Apparel’s latest campaigns, it seems like it overlooked the rules set by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

Photos of young ladies, who appeared to be under the age of 16, wearing see-through blouses were published on American Apparel’s site. Here’s the catch: they didn’t wear any underwear to conceal their breasts. Because of this, ASA received two complaints concerning the indecent images, saying that they were offensive. According to the other protest, the shots were “unnecessarily sexual and inappropriate for a website that could be seen by children.”

Another photo showed a woman lying on a wooden stairs with her arms stretched upwards, revealing too much of her bosom. Other set of photos exhibited models totally showing off not only their bared top parts but also their derrieres. However, American Apparel was quick to defend the ads saying that they were “completely decent and a fair representation of their product.” Even though the brand upheld its statement, ASA refuted it by saying the campaign was “sexually suggestive, gratuitous and flirtatious.”

Judging from the photos above, it looks like American Apparel is trying to be more creative with its ad campaign, especially the photos representing tights. This could’ve looked better if they were for an art exhibit portraying nudity, but they are used for marketing that includes a wide range of audiences. The staff should’ve considered the viewers – of any age – that will click on their site to purchase a product. Anyway, the Internet can be accessed by anyone with a computer or any other gadget. What do you think?

[Photo Credit: American Apparel]

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