BCBGMAXAZRIA toughens up spring femininity
Posted by on September 6, 2012 | 4:40 pm EST

At BCBGMAXAZRIA’s runway show, dressing for spring became a  collision of two opposites—femininity and machismo. A play between these contrasting concepts was the most resonant inspiration on the runway, where we saw the label juxtapose heavenly dresses in silk, lace and chambray against the provocativeness of leather harnesses in both predictable black and wonderful white.

Breezy chiffon dresses and jumpsuits with delicate floral prints for instance, were manned up with a layer of leather harness. Never was BCBGMAXAZRIA a toe out of line in the use of leather, which is greatly owed to the lightness of the fabrics used for the dresses. With lace and chiffon gracefully embracing the often polarizing toughness of leather, the collection truly delivered a harmonious mishmash of opposites.

The decidedly neutral palette of white, gray, black and the occasional peach, BCBGMAXAZRIA was also injected with a bit of art deco aspirations. Garments were cut in a way to allow a geometric medley of patterns that gave more depth to the otherwise straightforwardly feminine silhouettes. If lace, floral prints or color aren’t the defining detail of a garment, it would be a bevy of strict and sharp lines in all orientations that would inspire. The collection expanded nicely towards the end, where BCBGMAXAZRIA effortlessly spoke of the beauty of calculated structure.

Photos from iMAXtree.com/Alessandro Lucioni

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