Beauty Focus: Side-swept Hair
Posted by on August 29, 2012 | 5:50 pm EST

As we enter fall season, we’re zooming in on the most resounding beauty trend to make a splash on the red carpet—the side-swept hair. They may not be as fancy as updos, as intricate as braided crowns or as bejeweled as brooch-decorated buns, but they’re perfectly simple and pretty to boot. On the red carpet, the hairstyle may only play a minor role in creating a winning look but surely you’ve noticed how Hollywood women appear to have collapsed under its effortless allure.

Lea Michele and Lucy Hale’s take on this micro beauty trend align with its uncomplicated stylishness, as they opted to just sweep the hair to one side with nary a wave or a curl. Another stylish celebrity who can certainly pull off the chic hairstyle is Kate Bosworth, who opted to style the look with a deep part and glorious beachy waves. Holland Roden and Blake Lively, on the other hand, showcased the hairstyle’s ultra-glamorous tendencies. Both amped it up with glorious retro waves that made them look like vintage bombshells.

Despite the hairstyle’s strictly-glamour, one-dimensional finish, a curl here and a tease there can easily change its appeal. Kristen Stewart, who can perhaps be credited for her completely austere approach to beauty, has the uncanny ability to pull off a ridiculously messy but surprisingly sexy side-swept hair every so often.

Although some celebrities took the hairstyle look to the extreme by shaving the side of their head for a 24/7 side-swept look—which actually looks scarily cool—we’re keeping it conservative and glamorous. Click through the slideshow above to see how the side-swept hair changes up on the red carpet.

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