Bulgarian magazine 12 gets bloody risky in “Victim of Beauty” editorial
Posted by on June 7, 2012 | 1:15 pm EST

Editorials made to disturb are a dime a dozen in fashion. Photographers and image makers often turn to shock value as a way to get their message across.  Every once in a while however, an editorial arrives that completely baffles us as it carries the shock factor but not the message. This is the case for the “Victim of Beauty” editorial executed by Bulgarian magazine 12.

Below the first spread, which features a startling photograph of a red-lipped women sporting a black eye, is a disclaimer that reads: Recommended Parental Controls: pictures are not recommended for persons under 16 years. And for the faint hearted. True enough, the Vasil Germanov-photographed editorial was indeed a six-headshot spread of sheer distress. The models, photographed with a hacked neck, a deep-wounded nose, an acid-burned face, bloody lips or a pair of ripped cheeks, certainly stirred our attention as they stared directly into the camera.

The special effects makeup done by Daniela Avramova was superbly convincing, but we can’t say the same for the message they’re trying to convey. Were they trying to glamourize domestic violence or were they taking the notion “beauty is pain” to the acme of editorial extremes? With such disturbing images, we’re pretty sure anti-domestic violence groups will be going after 12 in a matter of days.

The photos may be controversially beautiful, but they could’ve made a more resounding impact had they been clear in their intent. Fashion Glamour can’t help but think they were paying more attention to the gore than the actual makeup. What do you think?

Photos from 12 Magazine

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