Christian Louboutin launches a six-piece capsule handbag collection
Posted by on February 10, 2012 | 3:29 pm EST

Click through the slideshow to view the entire collection:

Christian Louboutin’s 20th anniversary celebration didn’t stop when his capsule shoe collection landed on various fashion news websites. Continuing his tantalizing convoy of luxurious goods, the designer launched six style-defying bags as part of the glamorous celebration.

The three shoulder bags in the collection boast of high-octane drama courtesy of the heavily embellished shoulder cover, a concept we rarely see. “There is a lot of body language explained by the shoulder, so I wanted to put accent on the shoulder,” revealed Louboutin in an interview with InStyle.

The Artemis Paris bag takes inspiration from the city of Paris, with a tiny Eiffel Tower firmly planted on the crystal-decorated and dangerously studded cover. The long, colorful feathers draping the shoulder cover of the Artemis Plumes exudes a restrained elegance without deviating from the collection’s confident display of artistry. Equally dramatic is the Artemis Shoemania, which looks like a rose garden blooming with red-soled Louboutin classics.

The designer got quirky with the Pilule bag, a pill-shaped bag that is even printed with a 500mg dosage print. In contrast to the standard-transcending styles of the others, the Maykimay Degrade and Newspaper clutch bags are kept relatively simple.

Images from Christian Louboutin
With reports from InStyle



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