Christian Siriano gets inspired by bats
Posted by on February 20, 2012 | 10:24 am EST

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Christian Siriano, known for his show stopping couture creations, turned down the volume (quite literally) for his Fall/Winter collection. Although he drew inspiration from a 1930’s film Vampire Bat, the collection was neither horrifying nor terrifying. Siriano managed to carefully edit his inspiration to work with his own aesthetic, rolling out a glamorously enigmatic collection that was solid in thought and execution.

There was a sense of maturity and refinement in the collection, an attitude the designer has been obviously trying to channel for his past few collections in an effort to be taken seriously. A printed dress concealed by a crisp white coat was a welcome zephyr of sophistication. The same static-like print appeared on a matching long-sleeved blouse and trousers, which was just as tasteful.

He took on a more subtle approach in paying homage to bats. Caped sleeves and necklines, and vein-looking swirly prints were aplenty. Metallic fabrics and leather also dominated the lineup, adding a sense of strength and toughness to the moderately moody assembly. A sleeveless black dress with a zipped front was another favorite.

The collection’s evening looks were surprisingly simple, something die-hard Siriano fans may have missed during the show. A sheer red gown with hints of black underneath was the most commanding look and color to traipse down the runway. The graininess of old movies—which translated to black, gray, burgundy and white—were the typical shades.

Although Siriano is one of fashion’s masters of drama, we appreciate the restraint and control he displayed in his Fall/Winter effort. Here, he proves that he is more than a Project Runway winner with a big personality. Indeed, the fierce designer has skills.

Images from Christian Siriano

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