Coco Rocha works it for the camera
Posted by on May 20, 2012 | 8:47 am EST

Coco Rocha is definitely not your cookie-cutter kind of model. The Irish dancer turned world-renowned supermodel has an unimaginably charismatic personality and flawless way to her movements that make her one of the most desirable—not to mention bankable—faces today. While a dancing background often becomes a hurdle in modeling, Rocha is one of those women who effortlessly bring this skill into animated perfection.

Rocha showed off just how strong her legs are and how her every pose strikes with such fervor in this video for Target. The video, which revolves around what it takes to get the cover shot, reveals Rocha’s tireless energy and immense creativity. No two shots are the same, with each pose delivering a unique look that only Rocha and her thousand facial expressions, can come up with.

Target may be anything but high-end, but Rocha’s mesmerizing jump shots for photographer Tony Kim brings a whole new level of exclusivity to the mass retailer. Such is the reason why we’re giving Rocha a free pass in the Fashion Glamour news stand. Rocha has recently taken over the retailer’s TUmblr site as guest editor for the month of May.

Image and video from Target

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