Creative cinching with belts from Kate Spade NY
Posted by on May 10, 2012 | 3:24 pm EST

Creativity in accessorizing is in full gear whenever spring comes around. It’s as if the warm weather, the adventurous prints, and the outrageous colors are the secret components needed to awaken the styling geniuses in all of us. While we’ve seen far too many scarves and sunglasses this season to last until spring 2013, we looked into another rarely-emphasized accessory that deserves every bit of the styling credit—belts. More than a functional waist-cincher, these shape-shifters of an accessory have proven to be a fierce fashion essential even though its relevance is often overlooked.

Fashion Glamours hunt for this season’s belts ended at Kate Spade NY, the effeminate label that has tirelessly amazed us with its endless offerings of fresh and fancy pieces. The brand’s whimsical take on this everyday essential yielded four charming belts that were anything but typical. We adore the sunshine-like aesthetic of its vivid Kissing Bee Belt that featured two gold-plated bees. Another design, which could not be any more ideal for sporty women is the Kissing Tennis Racquet Belt adorned with two rackets—and two balls. The belt also comes in a punchy green hue, capturing the greenness of grassy tennis courts. Kate Spade NY also pitted pink and crocodiles together for its Kissing Crocodile Belt that was more charming than dangerous. Our favorite by far however, is the Camel Belt decorated with a sitting camel. Perhaps channeling the humid dessert where they come from, Kate Spade NY’s decision to color the belt entirely in gold is spot on.

While these belts would probably be passed up on by women with a strict inclination towards high-fashion, we’d still like to throw this into women’s list of accessory options this spring. We doubt these’ll earn extravagant stylish points, but these playful belts is just too perfect spring. We simply can’t resist.

Images from Kate Spade NY

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