Currently Coveting: Burberry Prorsum leather rabbit skirt
Posted by on November 20, 2012 | 6:15 pm EST

Burberry Prorsum leather rabbit skirt

For some, pants and tights are the only fashion staples to hang on to this season. True enough, such garments have really—and already—saturated shopping boutiques. While we’re all for comfort, it won’t hurt anyone to step out of their respective sartorial comfort zones. As such, here’s a rabbit skirt from Burberry Prorsum, which immediately cozied up to our fascination for all things plush and luxurious.

Essentially, this high-waisted skirt screams with all things appropriate for fall since its waistband is in leather while the skirt was fashioned from rabbit fur. Although the fact that it is a skirt could easily turn off some discerning shoppers, there are also things called tights and stockings. As such, there is virtually no excuse why skirts should be thrown at the back of your closets this season.

Retailing for $873.25, this piece also comes in an exceptional color palette that irresistibly toes around brown’s many variations. Such impeccable detail yielded a moodiness and elegance any lover of fashion can’t disregard. Although the color it arrives in doesn’t promise femininity, it does have edginess to it that would go well with fall dressers’ fondness for broody, manly and icy looks.

[Photo Credit: The Outnet]

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