Emma Hill says Hermès does not comprise, burns imperfect bags
Posted by on June 20, 2012 | 3:19 pm EST

Emma Hill at the Mulberry Fall/Winter 2012 runway show

It wasn’t too long ago when the fashion world broke into lengthy arguments over Tyler Shields’ memorable torching of Hermès’ iconic Birkin bag. The highly covetable bag, known for its staggering price tag and waiting list, is apparently treated just the same by its own maker. That is, if Mulberry creative director Emma Hill is to be believed.

In a Telegraph article featuring the designer, she was asked about what she thinks of the iconic company and she was quoted saying, “No one can touch them in terms of quality. A friend who was working at Hermès said that if there was even the most minor imperfection on a bag they would take it out the back and burn it—no compromise.”

Although the no-compromise-in-quality seems to be a valid policy for any company, we at Fashion Glamour can’t help but feel sad that they have to resort to such extreme measures. Taking into consideration the precious animal skin that goes into creating each bag, we feel that this is a terrible waste. Then again, attaching a discounted price to these bags is perhaps too far-fetched an option judging by the exclusivity of the Hermès brand. For now, we can only hope that the brand’s bag makers are paying close attention to their work to ensure every bag is in perfect form.

Photo from IMAXtree.com
With reports from The Telegraph

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