Fall 2012 Couture: Behind the scenes at Giambattista Valli
Posted by on July 4, 2012 | 2:09 pm EST

Autumn came to life at Giambattista Valli’s haute couture runway show for the Paris Fashion Week as models looked more like fairies of an enchanted forest tapped to momentarily walk among humans. It was a scene ripped from fiction stories grounded on Mother Nature as models ethereally emerged from the back of the runway to display their awe-inspiring dresses. Each moment mimicked that of a flower blossoming into the world made more tangible as exaggerated skirts, layers upon layers of ruffles, and arresting floral prints—looking more like second skin than actual clothes—traversed down the runway.

From the second the show started to the final heavily ruffled dress, Valli embodied nature’s fantastical grandness. It was a concept that was further captured through the impeccable and intricate accessories that dressed the necks, faces, arms and waists of every model. The beauty looks were fascinating as well, with eyes decorated with glitter shadow. Butterflies and nets took center stage, which delivered the final blow for a salvo of other-worldly femininity.

The scene backstage was as visually titillating as the front row extravaganza. Models glided from one wall to another to get their looks ready for the runway, creating a sensual and organic rapture along the way. For a look at how the enthralling Valli show was brought to life, click through the slideshow above.

Photos from iMAXtree.com

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