Falling for scallop-hemmed dresses
Posted by on April 19, 2012 | 1:14 pm EST

Plunging necklines may be all the rage this season, but we’re not passing up on the chance to broadcast our adoration for these scallop-hemmed dresses from the Valentino Fall 2012 runway show. Our love affair with the scalloped hem, which began when we saw the first Victoria Victoria Beckham collection last season, apparently continues at full throttle this Fall.

There are a bevy of reasons why we are swooning and wanting these in our wardrobe—soon. For one, we feel a sense of intricacy amid the simplicity of these dresses. Ironic as it may sound, there is also a touch of fragility and composure that is offered by these simple, effeminate details.

Although red dresses are often reserved for the bold and daring, the two Valentino dresses manage to evoke a feeling of innocence albeit the fiery red shade. Meanwhile, the black dress affords a Victorian quality that allows the fine scallop details to shine through.

A true wardrobe want, we need only wait a couple more months though before we can finally own these amazing pieces. In the meantime, all that we can do is sit patiently and count the days go by.

Images from Valentino

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