Fashion Face-off: Natasha Poly vs Alicia Vikander in Gucci
Posted by on September 6, 2012 | 11:10 am EST

Natasha Poly and Alicia Vikander in Gucci

Four months ago at the 65th annual Cannes Film Festival, Natasha Poly nearly stole all the attention away when she showed off her million-dollar gams at the very G-rated premiere of Madagascar 3: Europe’s Wanted. Although the seductive green Gucci dress was an ironic choice for such a family-friendly film, we have to admit that Poly looked every bit the enviable supermodel that she was—still is.

With that green Gucci dress so heavily associated with Poly, we were surprised to see Alicia Vikander step out in the same glorious frock at the premiere of Anna Karenina in the UK on September 4. It was a dress difficult to miss because of its the lavish green velvet that almost glistened against their skin, but it was so easy to dissect their dissimilar style.

For one, Poly emphasized the provocative side of the Gucci dress as she seductively stuck out her legs to show off the thigh-high slit. She also gave the dress a seriously vampy beauty look by sporting a slick updo and heavily-rimmed eyes. The 23-year-old Vikander, on the other hand, safely stayed away from the vibe Poly went for four months earlier by being less sexy and more elegant. From her makeup to her stance, Vikander gracefully showed off the Gucci dress in a way that Poly didn’t.

Even though hallways and social media sites are questioning Vikander’s nerve to wear that Poly-stamped Gucci frock, we at Fashion Glamour have to admit that the beautiful gown looked equally gorgeous on the two women who wore them to individualistic perfection. So now we ask, are you swooning for Poly’s sultry approach or are you awed by the elegance of Vikander?

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