Fashion Fail: Jessica Biel’s debatable Dior Couture look
Posted by on August 1, 2012 | 3:56 pm EST

Jessica Biel at the Los Angeles premiere of Total Recall

A third Christian Dior couture dress from the fashion house’s fall 2012 collection has emerged on the red carpet, with Total Recall’s Jessica Biel bagging that much-coveted opportunity. While Marion Cotillard and Rachel Weisz were elegant and graceful in their respective couture dresses, there was something decidedly wrong with Biel’s red carpet look.

Although Biel got lucky for nabbing a piece from the couture season’s most coveted collection, we deem this an unfortunate mismatch. For one, the lovely pink dress’ awkward length proved to be too much for her to handle. Yielding it more disastrous is her choice of silver cap-toed heels, which looked too fashion-forward for the dress’ old-worldly appeal. As if the key pieces of her ensemble weren’t catastrophic enough, Biel’s choice of hairstyle, jewelry and bag further weighed down the dress. The collar necklace and earrings were too ostentatious, tastelessly stealing away all the attention.

Looking at Biel’s look, we wonder what happened to her foolproof fashion formula. It’s grossly distressing how Biel—or her stylist—deemed this appropriate for a red carpet appearance. Surely they must have noticed its awfulness from the second Biel slipped into those glorious Louis Vuitton shoes that simply weren’t complementing the dress. In fact, the only explanation that may excuse this fashion disaster is if they tell us that Biel got dressed in the dark.

It’s a big nay for the Fashion Glamour team. Do you think it’s a nay as well?

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