Former YSL face Arizona Muse approves of label’s name change
Posted by on July 25, 2012 | 1:18 pm EST

Arizona Muse starred in Yves Saint Laurent's Spring/Summer 2011 campaign

The fashion public is a bit—an understatement—on the fence about the new packaging and logo of Saint Laurent Paris. On the brand’s Facebook page, enraged fans say that the new look is something they’ve seen many times before, referring to Chanel and Tom Ford’s emblems. Others however, have been more appreciative and open, saying the new look is classy, simple and sophisticated.

Amid the online hullabaloo surrounding the still-scorned Hedi Slimane and his daring name-changing move, a bevy of fashion personalities have shown their support. Another fashion figure fortifying the pro-Saint Laurent Paris squad is It model Arizona Muse, who happened to receive her first major campaign break from then-Yves Saint Laurent fashion house. Speaking with Ella Alexander of British Vogue, Muse thinks the name change was a good idea. “People who aren’t in the fashion world might not know that a new designer has joined the brand, so this is a clear way of signifying that there’s been a big change. It’s the sort of thing everyone will notice, not just fashion people,” said Muse.

Although she may be a little bias in sharing her approval since she has a history with the brand, you have to give it to Muse for she does make a point. Saint Laurent Paris may take a lot of getting used to, but we’re pretty sure all will be well soon for Slimane and the storied fashion house.

Photo from Yves Saint Laurent via Foot Luxe
With reports from British Vogue

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