Glenn Beck calls Anna Wintour “the devil”
Posted by on June 5, 2012 | 11:06 am EST

Anna Wintour at the "Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations" Costume Institute Gala

Like oil and water, fashion and politics have never really been on the same page. That is until the most powerful woman of fashion blurred the line and publicly declared her support for President Barack Obama by appearing in a video invitation for a fundraising dinner to benefit Obama’s re-election bid. The video, which features the long-time American Vogue editor-in-chief telling supporters to be everything but late to the fundraising dinner in New York on June 14, was used by radio host Glenn Beck to mock President Obama’s “off-the rails” and “out of sight” campaign efforts. While some may have been intimidated by Wintour’s on-cam invitation, Beck however, was clearly beyond mad.

Dissecting every word uttered by Wintour, Beck taunted the first lady of fashion’s way of speaking by repeating her words in an elitist and aristocratic tone. The radio host dressed down Wintour’s pronunciation of Michelle Obama’s name, imitating her British accent as he jeeringly let slip Mee-chelle Obahhma more than once. The enraged host complained that she is not even from a foreign country, thus leading him to question her way of speaking. The truth however, is that the American Vogue editor is British.

Beck’s onslaught of insults did not stop there. He went as far as calling Wintour the “devil part” of the movie The Devil Wears Prada. “She was the person who actually was in the movie treating all of her co-workers, all of her underlings like garbage, waiting on her every whim. She is what he [Obama] says capitalists are like all the time. She is everything she says the Republicans are. And she’s an Obama supporter,” ranted Beck.

He may have been ridiculing Obama’s campaign in its entirety, but we think he could have made a more convincing mockery had he gotten his facts right. Anna Wintour, an American? We can hear every eyebrow on Wintour’s stylish team raise in disbelief.

Watch Beck’s 10-minute rant in the video below:

Photo from PR Photos
Video courtesy of Huffington Post

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