Hakaan cancels spring 2013 show after couriers lose entire collection
Posted by on October 1, 2012 | 10:01 am EST

Hakaan Fall 2012

Hakaan will definitely remember spring 2013 as their most catastrophic fashion season yet. Early today, reports trickled in that the courier set to deliver the label’s spring 2013 collection has lost every single show piece that was set to be shown on the final day of Paris Fashion Week. This epic fashion disaster prompted Hakaan to pull the plug on its runway show, which is scheduled tomorrow at 1:30pm.

Following this unfortunate news, which has already been confirmed by a spokesperson from Hakaan’s PR agency, the label is reportedly working on rebuilding the collection from scratch. The finished collection will then be shown the press at a later date.

We at Fashion Glamour can’t quite grasp the validity of Hakaan’s reason behind the show’s cancellation. How could a courier lose an entire fashion collection? Even worse, why weren’t they keeping tabs of their collection’s location? Was there no Hakaan staff in charge of ensuring that their spring 2013 line gets from point A to B with no glitches?

Further, looking at the label’s action to re-create instead of locate the whereabouts of their collection, it seems like they’re already assumed that the collection won’t be surfacing at all—if it had been lost. We’ve already reached out to Karla Otto for further details, but we have yet to receive a response.

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