Hedi Slimane bashes Cathy Horyn, calls her a ‘schoolyard bully’
Posted by on October 3, 2012 | 1:26 pm EST

 Hedi Slimane at Paris Fashion Week

To say that Hedi Slimane dislikes Cathy Horyn is a gross understatement. Judging by Slimane’s recent tweet early this morning, he’s not afraid to highlight his relationship—or the lack of it—with The New York Times (NYT) fashion critic as something that’s grounded on pure hate.

It all started with an invitation—or the absence of it in Horyn’s mailbox. Apparently, the fashion journalist wasn’t invited to see Slimane’s spring 2013 show, prompting her to write about the possible reason why she was singled out. In Horyn’s On The Runway blog at NYT, she wrote, “I was not invited. Despite positive reviews of his early YSL and Dior collections, as well as a profile, Mr. Slimane objected bitterly to a review I wrote in 2004 — not about him but Raf Simons. Essentially I wrote that without Mr. Simons’s template of slim tailoring and street casting, there would not have been a Hedi Slimane — just as there would never have been a Raf Simons without Helmut Lang. Fashion develops a bit like a genetic line,” wrote Horyn.

The journalist even threw in Saint Laurent owner Francois-Henri Pinault’s name in the article, where she said that Pinault “expressed dismay” when she informed him of the invitation debacle.

Not to be out-bashed, the Saint Laurent Paris designer posted an open letter via Twitter and called out Horyn’s “irrelevant” style and “perfectly predictable” writing agenda. Horyn’s sense of style also received some serious dressing down from the designer, brandishing it “seriously challenged.” There was a lot of hate oozing from the letter, as the words “schoolyard bully” and “stand-up comedian” decorated further the strife-filled letter.

Slimane could not have gotten any more harsh when he ended the letter. “In conclusion, and as far as I’m concerned, she will never get a seat at Saint Laurent, but might get 2 for 1 at Dior. She should rejoice. I don’t mind critics, but they have to come from a fashion critic, not a publicist in disguise. I am quite mesmerized she did get away with it for so many years.”

As if the feud needed any more publicity, Lady Gaga has also come to Slimane’s defense by re-tweeting the designer. At the time of writing, Horyn has yet to strike back but we’ll be shocked not to hear from the fashion critic in a day or two.

In the meantime, read the letter below to see—and feel—the gravity of Slimane’s hatred towards Horyn.

Hedi Slimane's open letter to Cathy Horyn

Photos from iMAXtree.com and Hedi Slimane

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