Honest-to-goodness: Jennifer Lawrence thanks Photoshop
Posted by on November 6, 2013 | 9:56 am EST

Can Dior’s new face and the most talked about celebrity at the moment – having bagged the Oscar’s and all, overthrowing Meryl Streep and the like – be any more candid? When asked about her latest campaign for Dior, J-Law forthrightly gave it to Photoshop for making her look different. She’s been quoted saying “That doesn’t look like me at all… I love Photoshop more than anything in the world.”

Not sure if there’s any hint of sarcasm there, but everyone seems to agree that Lawrence doesn’t look a bit like her usual quirky self on the photos released for Miss Dior handbags, which were photographed by Willy Vandepere and styled by Olivier Rizzo. Donning a crisp suit in one, bejewelled in another, J-Law looked like she got an image overhaul with the new campaign.

The pulled back hair must have done it, or it could’ve been the sleek silhouettes. Sophisticated as the look may be, most critics say J-Law seems stiff on this one, and her aura didn’t give a hint of her real life witty persona, which everyone certainly adores. Not to say that the styling (and probably post-processing) made her look like she shed off some pounds and added on some years. It makes everyone ask, “Whatever happened to the 22-year-old?”

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