Jason Wu sells like pancakes
Posted by on February 7, 2012 | 10:09 am EST

Have you trooped to your favorite Target store or perhaps went online to nab a pleated blouse or two? No? Well, don’t bother.

ABC News reports that mere hours after the collection launched on February 5, the line was almost sold out. Some Target outlets had shoppers lining up outside hours before the stores opened just to buy Jason Wu’s eagerly-anticipated collection. While some shoppers were able to satisfy their strongest Jason Wu desires, most Target stores have sold out just as quick as it did online.

Walking into Target to find an empty rack of Jason Wu collection is disappointing, but we find this video uploaded by user zsoydaner on YouTube far more irritating.  The video, taken in the midtown Miami store, shows a selfish couple buying out the outlet’s entire stock of the collection.

Capitalizing on the collection’s massive appeal, the couple showed no fleck of respect for Jason Wu, the other shoppers or themselves, as they haul their buys out of their two shopping carts. The couple even managed to shamelessly taunt the angry shoppers by saying they could buy Jason Wu pieces from them instead.

As expected, some of the pieces are now available on eBay as well. Such disrespectful behavior is drawing the ire of many, asking other shoppers to boycott eBay resellers.

As of press time, neither Target nor Jason Wu has commented on the matter.

Video uploaded by zsoydaner

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