Karl Lagerfeld hits designer gold with affordable KARL label
Posted by on January 30, 2012 | 2:09 pm EST

Dark glasses. A neat white ponytail. Fingerless leather gloves.

There’s no one else that comes to mind at the mention of these signature accessories but Karl Lagerfeld, the fashion visionary behind Chanel. Undoubtedly one of the most recognizable designers in the world, Lagerfeld has a lot to celebrate about with the successful debut of his affordable new womenswear line called KARL.

The label, which strives to reach out to the masses without compromising the ideals of high fashion in the eyes of design juggernaut Karl Lagerfeld, was finally unveiled to the public on a global event simultaneously held in Paris, London, New York and Berlin on January 25.

Nabbing a one-month exclusivity deal before the label hits Lagerfeld-branded websites is popular web retailer Net-a-Porter. Infusing technology to the whole luxurious frenzy, hundreds of fashion-forward individuals flocked to pop-up shops hoping to see the pieces in the flesh. But instead, they were treated to a window display were shoppers simply needed to scan an item of their liking using their smartphones and the Net-a-Porter KARL application to make a purchase.

The buzz surrounding the designer’s long-awaited collection was no fluke after all, with Grazia Daily reporting that within the first hour or two of the launch on January 25, Net-a-Porter already raked in a thousand in sales. In fact, it was also one of the web retailer’s busiest traffic days. One of the first items to sell out is the printed canvas shopper at $25, while the Jacey leather jacket with a snakeskin effect is the priciest at $1,350.

Always a step ahead in style, Lagerfeld takes designer edge a notch higher with a 70-piece line of wearable jackets, shirt dresses, collars and pants that all exude a tough and masculine appeal reminiscent of Lagerfeld’s trademark look.

His vision is sharp and clear, sharing a minimal albeit limited palette of black, white, silver and occasional touch of color. Some of the pieces are also adorned with the KARL logo, a profile of Lagerfeld himself.

Amid this success, some critics are quick to squash down the affordability side of KARL, saying that some of the pieces are actually too pricey. A pair of wedge sandals, for instance, goes for $405 each.

Images from Net-a-Porter

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