Karl Lagerfeld taps 15-year-old Ondria Hardin to star in Chanel spring 2013 campaign
Posted by on October 24, 2012 | 3:30 pm EST

 Ondria Hardin at Chanel's spring 2013 runway show

If there’s any designer you can count on to create and stir controversies, it should be Karl Lagerfeld. This time around though, he’s not calling out a celebrity for being fat. Instead, the issue has more to do with his latest campaign star Ondria Hardin, an up-and-comer who was controversially thrust in the limelight for walking at Marc Jacobs’ fall runway show at just 14 years old.

Lagerfeld doesn’t seem too concerned about this issue though since he hired and photographed the now-15-year-old model for Chanel’s spring 2013 campaign. In fact, he even complimented Hardin’s beauty. “She doesn’t look 15. She looks 18 or 19,” said Lagerfeld. While Lagerfeld is playing it cool, we’re anticipating the issue to blow up as soon as spring ads start breaking in magazines—Vogue in particular.

While the Council of Fashion Designers of America has been the runway watchdog, Vogue pledged through their Heath Initiative program that they will also ban models under 16 from appearing in their magazines. With that rule in place, does that mean we won’t be seeing any Chanel spring 2013 ad on Vogue? 

Although the 5’8″ beauty, who will share Chanel’s campaign duties with veteran Stella Tenant, looks older than her age, that still doesn’t make her eligible—so to speak—to appear on Vogue publications. Now, we wonder if Vogue will stick to their rules or if they’ll play up the grey areas and get technical just to keep one important advertiser happy. No matter how this ends up, it’s clear now that some designers are just too cool for rules.

Photo from iMAXtree.com

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