Kate Moss to leave media shyness behind in upcoming documentary
Posted by on November 18, 2012 | 11:15 am EST

Kate Moss at the Mango press conference in London

Are you ready to actually hear her talk in front of the camera? It seems unbelievable but Kate Moss is in fact letting go of her notorious media shyness—we’re betting this is temporary though—to share a bit of her personal life to the public. The perennially enigmatic British supermodel is changing her ways after years of keeping herself isolated from the watchful eyes of media men, as reports trickle in that she is in the middle of filming her first documentary.

What started as a surprising tell-all in a fashion magazine, where she let down her guard ever so slightly to reveal her infamous romance—and heartbreak—with Hollywood actor Johnny Depp and her teenage nervous breakdown, to name a few, now blossomed into something more tangible and quite frankly, groundbreaking. While that candid magazine interview is already a milestone in terms of how the 38-year-old supermodel has presented herself to the media, the fact that she’s now being followed by cameras while endorsing her photo-book, Kate: The Kate Moss Book, goes to show that there really is something brewing in the Moss camp.

Though you’re all keyed up to have a taste of what she’s really like off the runway, there’s still no information as to when or where the documentary film will be available for viewing. Since it involves the one and only Kate Moss, we’re certain that the documentary will be a huge hit in the industry.

[Photo Credit: PR Photos]

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