Kate Upton lands another Vogue editorial
Posted by on October 21, 2012 | 4:33 pm EST

Is Vogue grooming Kate Upton to be the poster girl for a healthy supermodel? That looks and sounds just about right after she landed another editorial in the magazine’s November pages, a few months after she made her surprising Vogue debut in June. Although many consider her a one-trick pony, especially since she paraded into our consciousness with nothing but her luscious, bouncing breasts making the statement, Anna Wintour apparently thinks otherwise. In the editorial, she poses in gorgeous and models ensembles from Calvin Klein, Narciso Rodriguez and Jason Wu. Her swimsuit body makes two appearances in the seven-page editorial though,

Come to think of it, Upton could have not have arrived in a more perfect timing. Vogue just started their Health Initiative, an effort to dissuade unhealthy body images from being unconsciously promoted through their magazines. With Upton rising to fame, it all appears to be one well-orchestrated plan. With many organizations ridiculing fashion magazines for their continued use of unbelievably thin models, there’s no better way to shush all critics than hiring a model like Upton who has a body as normal as everybody’s gorgeous neighbor. She’s not stick-thin but no way is she plus-size too.

Usually, a model would have to land a runway gig first before landing a magazine editorial—that is, if everything goes well. Upton may not have gone through that, jumping from Sports Illustrated to Vogue so quickly barely anyone noticed, but this former competitive horse-riding champion isn’t about to lose who she is just because she’s gaining traction in the editorial world. “I don’t want to starve myself,” she says. “I still want to hang out with my family and be a normal girl. You have to be confident, and that doesn’t mean starving yourself,” she said to Vogue.

In comparison to today’s models, Upton easily stands out for her curvier physique alone and relatively commercial-ready face. Then again, Upton’s high-fashion transition isn’t as alienating as some fashion insiders would like to think. We’ve gone through that era before. Remember the bombshell models of the 1990’s?

Sure, not everyone in fashion is not ready to let go of their fascination for waifish models, but for Upton her being in fashion means so much more to her now. “Now that the fashion industry likes the idea of me, I’m happy if I can have an influence,” she said. Well, Wintour seems to have found the perfect girl to champion healthy body image. Let’s see if she can pull off a Miranda Kerr on us and successfully make a balancing act between swimsuit modeling and her new-found love for high fashion.

Photos by Steven Meisel via Vogue

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