Longchamp rolls out “Oh! My Bag!”
Posted by on March 7, 2012 | 3:32 pm EST

If seeing Coco Rocha get dragged by an adorable Weimaraner puppy around Brooklyn wasn’t entertaining enough for you, Longchamp rolls out Oh! My Bag! to keep the brand’s free-spirited spring/summer campaign alive. Revolving around the brand’s “creative movement” concept, the new film channels the Longchamp woman’s independent and playful persona in an energizing display of legs, bags and dancing skills.

Directed and choreographed by Bianca Li, models Coco Rocha, Liisa Winkler and Alexia Level randomly bump into each other and spontaneously start a dance number on the streets of New York. Clad in identical leather hot pants, the three cajole, twirl and kick with their hands firmly clasped on their bright Longchamp bags.

Although Lanvin and Prada have incorporated dancing in their campaign shorts before, this has been the most amusing and light-hearted film we’ve seen so far. It does count that top model Coco Rocha showed off her athleticism by flipping over a barricade without a hair falling out of place.

Video uploaded by Coco Rocha

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