Looking Forward: The Bags of Fall 2012
Posted by on July 31, 2012 | 4:55 pm EST

After curating our most anticipated shoe trends of the incoming fall season, Fashion Glamour dived into the amazing rows of bags designers have in store for us, ogling every corner and compartment of their fall collections. From the colorful world of spring and summer, fashion houses have put forward a delightfully refreshing lineup of bags that departs from the boldness of the past two seasons.

The bags were as compelling as the shoes, arriving in a sundry of fabrics, shapes, sizes and colors. From the ubiquitous made-for-winter fur bags to the printed bags that hint at a summer hangover, the designs are a visual explosion we cannot get enough of. Although trends blossomed from one maison to another, we’re keeping it simple by highlighting some of the biggest trends that ruled the fall runways.

Clean and Minimalistic. Designers have successfully veered off the sorbet colors and wildly wacky shapes to ensure the incoming fall season is one that delights in simplicity and minimalism. Designers paid more attention to solid shades and uncluttered finishes, leaving the shape and structure at the forefront of the design. Colors stayed well within deep crimsons and bright blues, while boxier bags have become the shape of choice among fashion houses.

Stunning Whites. Although white is a common color in fashion, rarely do we see a truly standout bag in white that trumps its most colorful and decorated rivals. Often shunned upon because of how easily it can get dirty after a couple of spins, we at Fashion Glamour are excited with how designers have embraced the color for the fall season.

Prints Surprise. Prints also continued its rampage as they appeared on a number of catwalks the past fall season. Although wild animal prints are never amiss, floral prints emerged on Paul & Joe’s bags. Other labels took on more abstract patterns, as evident on the bags of Basso & Brooke.

Fine Details. While some designers focused on leaving out the details in order to showcase the often overlooked shapes and structures of bags, others sauntered on with beautiful and intricate details such as tassels, spikes and floral appliques. This trend sits right in the middle of embellishment excess and muted minimalism, affording a perfect balance that is music to our ears. Burberry’s animal-buckled bags are perhaps what caught our attention the most for it had a retrospective appeal that perfectly contrasted the heavy-hitting trend that is minimalism.

Luxurious Fur. The elegance and sophistication of fur bags are as irreplaceable as a Birkin bag, which is why we’re still looking forward to all the new ways designers have fashioned and fixed fur onto bags. From the ostentatiously long fur bags on the Louis Vuitton lineup to the softer and shorter ones on Christian Dior, designers have made the bag shopping an endless and difficult, to say the least, affair.

Silver and Gold Metallics. Just like fall season’s shoes, silver and gold metallics also stole our attention on the catwalk for its instantaneous dose of glamour. We are particularly fond of the ultramodern bags of Blumarine and the golden glow of Jason Wu’s lineup.

Photos from iMAXtree.com

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