Marc Jacobs turns up the volume in Fall collection
Posted by on February 15, 2012 | 11:45 am EST

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An imposing paper castle served as the backdrop for Marc Jacobs’ richly eclectic Fall collection. Emerging from the snowy-white edifice, models looked like a character from a 2012 version of Alice in Wonderland. To be precise, they embodied that of a noble guest in the Mad Hatter’s tea party, where a 21st century-meets-the-Victorian-era dress code is in place.

Reportedly inspired by personalities such as Anna Piaggi and Lynn Yaeger, Jacobs fearlessly sent out the first model in a double-faced Shetland stole and coat, and patchwork kangaroo skirt over satin pants. The look was accessorized with a striking beaver hat, embroidered pilgrim-like shoe and silk scarf.

More awe-inspiring looks traipsed down the runway, which looked like snow-covered cobblestones, all bundled up in dazzling Shetland coats. Throughout the show, the silhouettes were kept sharp and structured with the repeated appearances of bowl skirts and coats.

Amid the grandly theatrical show, outerwear garnered the most attention. Sweaters and coats came in the most interesting color, texture and appliques. Chic stoles were wrapped around the models with oversized safety pins.

The color palette was as diverse as the range of fur hats. It was all about commanding attention, as displayed in a printed coat in hues of purple, gray and yellow. Quirky prints were also in attendance aside from Victorian and paisley patterns. Impressive hats made a strong statement as well; spilling off to one side or teasingly hiding half of the models’ face.

There were also enough appliques and sequins to go around, as each look offered a lot of glitter and gloss. We particularly loved this sparkly pink wool jacket and sequined fake fur coat. Sparing nothing in his embellishment efforts, even the shoes sparkled across the winding runway thanks to rhinestone-adorned buckles.

It seems Marc Jacobs and his team deviously conspired behind closed doors to stage a grand and flamboyant show that aims to do nothing but make us fall in love with fashion once more. The fine recklessness of his ideas, coupled with artistic inspirations evident in his Fall showcase is a testament of why the industry endures.

Images from Marc Jacobs

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