Alexander McQueen turns up the chicness in sporty Savana duffel bag
Posted by on May 2, 2012 | 9:49 am EST

Although we have all been consumed by the deluge of colors and prints this spring, sportswear-inspired pieces continue to lurk behind dark corners eagerly anticipating to get noticed. While it may be true that sporty aesthetics aren’t as wholly embraced than garments and accessories derived from effeminate and edgy inspirations, we found one bag that challenges that notion. As if waiting for the perfect time to be ushered into the limelight, we stumbled upon this insanely chic duffel bag from Alexander McQueen that delivered a new perspective on sportswear accessories.

There are two words in the dictionary that are almost always never used side by side in the fashion world: comfort and style. Alexander McQueen however, plows through the limits of our fashion vocabulary and stitches the two words together with the help of this cool-and-functional textured-leather duffel bag. Although it’s not a duffel bag per se, but rather a stylishly smaller version—just 37cm-thick—it’s still a relevant nod to the sporty trend. Then again, the label’s careful detail editing allowed the bag to move ever-so-slight away from being overtly sporty.

While spring bags have stayed true to traditional aesthetics, we adore Alexander McQueen for fashioning this into a boxy and frill-free accessory that women would still covet.  Arriving in an off-white color that screams with sophistication is perfectly contrasted by the brown handles, straps, and buckle fastenings. There’s a hint of minimalism as well, in allowing the colors to be the details to this bag. It’s very masculine too, in choosing these neutral colors instead of treading towards spring-perfect hues. Going against the season’s norm? This Savana duffel bag is the one-way ticket away from here.

Although it’s a style that doesn’t sit well in many women, we love how this is so different, so unlike what is on trend this season. A refreshing breath of simplicity in a world where crazy colors and psychedelic prints are taking over, we’re including this in our spring hit list. The Savana textured-leather duffel bag is available at Net-a-Porter for $2,150.

Images from Net-a-Porter

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