MFW Spring 2013: Milan wraps it up with kimonos
Posted by on September 26, 2012 | 4:10 pm EST

(L-R) Emilio Pucci, Etro, Prada and Roberto Musso

It’s always refreshing to see a spring trend come to life that has nothing to do with color or prints, which is why we’re on the verge of clapping our hands off in excitement at the arrival of the kimono trend. Milan turned to Japan for inspiration, with a number of designers and labels pulling out silhouettes and constructions from the Asian country’s traditional kimono, and then fashioning them into beautiful 2013-approriate ensembles.

At the forefront of this Japanese conversion is Miuccia Prada, who embarked on a head-to-toe oriental journey. While the label’s futuristic footwear collection (still) begs for a longstanding debate, the garments were solidly executed with heavy emphasis on eastern aesthetics. Shapes were distinctly derived from the kimono silhouette, though relatively zoomed in to the future with sharp lines and folds giving it an architectural slant.

Emilio Pucci, Etro and Roberto Musso successfully tackled the trend as well, offering a smorgasbord of Japanese revelations. Silhouettes resonated with greater loyalty to the classic kimono at Emilio Pucci and Roberto Musso, where the designers kept the sleeves wide and loose. The dresses and tops were also rightfully wrapped around the body and cinched with a sash.

On the Etro catwalk, the oriental inspirations were slightly more inconspicuous. In fact, the designs tiptoed closer towards martial art uniforms. Kimono-like tops were teamed with cropped trousers, which lend the said vibe. With this exciting departure from the spring season norms, we can’t wait to try out this trend.

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