MFW Spring 2013: The Season Sprints to the Future
Posted by on September 25, 2012 | 3:40 pm EST

(L-R) Aquilano Rimondi, Giorgio Armani, Iceberg and Gabriele Colangelo

Although catwalks were peppered with girly and flirty numbers that would force women’s knees to buckle under its sugary goodness, the appearances of futuristic numbers burst open a new window to which we could enjoy the warmth of spring and summer. While it’s an aesthetic often reserved for the nail-biting iciness of fall and winter season, the sight of exaggerated shoulders and arms, and blunt hemlines and edges offered an anti-spring attitude that could drive the season towards a whole new sartorial direction.

When designers take on futurism, there almost always comes a need to think ahead and be revolutionary. This season however, the concept was brought down a notch to accommodate familiar spring inspirations. At Giorgio Armani for instance, the collection exuded an intergalactic aura with rows of shiny grey pantsuits and silky dresses.

 (L-R) Emilio Pucci, Gucci, Gianfranco Ferre and Emporio Armani

Aquilano Rimondo also got the trend memo, sending out a barrage of looks that thrived in knockout color combinations and modern silhouettes. Emilio Pucci and Gabriele Colangelo saw the successful promise of architectural details, while still incorporating the season’s regular show of skin.

Another label to turn to outer space for inspiration was Gucci, delivering a minimalist-futuristic presentation solidly grounded on the bold color palette of spring. Gianfranco Ferre and Emporio Armani also embraced modern futurism—and a dash of minimalism to boot—through its immaculate spring 2013 collection.

While “futuristic” brings to mind a severity in style and design, MFW’s presentations offered an exciting respite from the mad mayhem of dresses that billow with the wind, colors that blind us and unforgiving skin revelations. This sleek and sharp trend may be an uncommon spring sighting, but with designers’ great attention to spring appropriateness under all those edginess, we will surely see a new spring trend sprint to life.

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