MFW Spring 2013: What is Prada doing with toe-socks—err, shoes for fall?
Posted by on September 23, 2012 | 10:46 am EST

We’ve seen the whole sock-and-heel combo before and we have to admit that it’s quite adorable when rightly pulled off, but on Prada’s spring 2013 runway, the footwear lineup was questionably horrendous. As soon as we caught sight of one pair, our jaws dropped open in disbelief and eventually, amusement. We can’t quite figure out what to call them so we’ll just temporarily call them “toe-sock shoes.”

On the runway, the toe-sock shoes were either paired with bow-adorned platforms or worn on their own. They weren’t easy to miss, arriving in truly grandiose colors such as silver, pink and gold. The colors feel quite Christmas-y, don’t you think? On some occasions, they looked like walking holiday presents, with shiny bows decorating its edges.

Adding to its bewildering aesthetics is the zipper running at the back of the heel. At first, we really assumed them to be socks but a closer at its material—leather—contested its appropriateness to be called one. There appears to be a thin padding on the sole however, which made it look slightly wearable. Then again, models get paid to tackle discomfort and physical pain head on so we really can’t confirm it until they hit stores.

 More variations of Prada's toe-sock shoes

We have to assume that the fashion label drew inspiration from the iconic Japanese split-toe socks called tabi boots. I mean, come on, no designer could have possibly churned out such questionable idea on his/her own. The two styling ways in which they were paraded down the runway gave this potentially scary new trend no favor.

Although Miuccia Prada is known for her her somewhat eccentric eye for fashion, we’ve grown to see the beauty in some of her designs—once you look at them for a long period of time, that is. Sadly, it has been a solid two days since the toe-sock shoes’ first sighting unfortunately, we still can’t get past its sheer bizarreness.

We know socks are a fall and winter essential, but we just can’t grasp the idea and intent behind these multifunction footwear. We know Miuccia Prada is not one to shy away from design extremes, but this time around, we think she went too wild. What do you think of Prada’s crazy new footwear collection for fall? Is it a surprising yay or a given nay?

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