Miu Miu’s coats make us want winter now
Posted by on May 6, 2012 | 4:23 pm EST

Miu Miu's lace and satin coats

Coats may not be a spring essential, but we’re still counting on these glorious and elegant pieces from Miu Miu to make up our wardrobe after they easily stole our hearts with one glance. Although they have an air of extravagance that seemingly beg for exclusive appearances—think posh nighttime events or high-society galas—the luxurious black velvet ribbon closing countered it with a dash of charm and youthful fancy.

First to send our hearts palpitating in delight is the oversized red satin coat that easily stood out because of its imposing color. From afar, it looks like a spotlight is specifically beaming down upon it, when it really is just simply breathtaking. There’s also an imperial quality to it that hints at pairing it with a simple black dress for an undeniably polished look. We think it could even be unpredictably worn over a glamorous long gown too.

Meanwhile, the cotton lace coat, which arrives in an effeminate burgundy shade, may be more spring-appropriate than the other for its breezier lace fabric. In contrast to the red satin coat which exudes a certain maturity, this coat has a more spirited and relaxed aesthetic to it. The cool floral lace lends a touch of refinement without being overtly extravagant, making it a wee more suitable for chic night outs this spring.

Even though spring is still here, and the summer season yet to spread its beach weather glory, we at Fashion Glamour are already keeping these Miu Miu coats in our to-buy list for winter. These coats retail for $2,490 and are available at Miu Miu’s website.

Images from Miu Miu

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