Nicki Minaj debuts lookalike Pink Friday fragrance
Posted by on August 21, 2012 | 10:40 am EST

Nicki Minaj's debut fragrance called Pink Friday

Is there a fragrance competition brewing between Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj? Perhaps there is. Following the path treaded by Lady Gaga back in June, Minaj unveiled today her debut fragrance called Pink Friday, which pays homage to the breakout album that shot her to fame in 2010.

If Lady Gaga’s first foray into the perfume business broke new grounds by introducing a black perfume that sprays clear, Minaj also has something interesting to offer. Minaj’s new fragrance, which was created in partnership with Give Back Brands, comes in a decidedly “Minaj” bottle. The bust-shaped flacon is a literal reminder of the look that made the rapper famous, for it arrives complete with her signature pink hair and lips. Even the singer’s cleavage, which almost always yearns to break out of her dress, is on full parade.

Although glamour and sophistication are far from being the rapper’s ruling concept for this endeavor, we have to hand it to Minaj. This really is one of the most stylized perfume bottles we’ve seen in a while, proving that her creative flamboyance can be as tangible as a perfume bottle.

While the notes that went into the Pink Friday concoction have yet to be divulged, the rapper described the scent in reply to a fan who asked what her perfume smells like. Minaj simply tweeted, “Like angels playing.” The Pink Friday fragrance will launch at the end of September.

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