PFW Spring 2013: All Ruffled Up
Posted by on October 2, 2012 | 4:20 pm EST

(L-R) Chloé, Andrew GN, Balenciaga, Dries van Noten, Givenchy

Although peplums have yet to weaken its hold as a formidable spring trend, the arrival of ruffles on the Parisian runways promises to weaken the peplum takeover. While it’s easy to be reminded of the fluorescent dresses that flamenco dancers usually wear, Paris Fashion Week’s trendy spin on the typically-festive spirit of ruffles are far from looking appropriate on a competitive dance floor.

For the season, designers showed off great restraint and exquisite taste in keeping up with this trend. Some went for an aesthetic that was full-on romantic, fashioning chiffon dresses that basked in the fabric’s sheer softness and the ruffles’ voluminous statement. It’s almost an impossibility how one can achieve lightness and volume at the same time, but Chloé pulled that off with ease, with a color palette that doesn’t scream with spring’s normality to boot. The same was true at Givenchy, with stunning dresses ever-so-lightly speckled with a gentle wave of ruffles running on the neckline or the sides.

At Balenciaga, ruffles appeared on daring high-low skirts that teetered close towards looking like a flamenco dancing-ready garment. The label however, punched it up with a bit of art-deco and architectural finish as the ruffles cascaded with sturdiness and stiffness. Other labels also explored the more fashion-forward possibilities of this trend, creating fancy ruffled cardigans or chic column gowns with ruffled neck and hemlines. Cuffs weren’t spared from its wildfire-like appeal, spreading its way to the long-sleeved romantic blouses at Andrew GN.

Ruffles may be a trend that needs some getting used to, but we at Fashion Glamour think this could well be one of the biggest trend surprises of spring 2013. As we expect spring to be saturated with decorated collars and peplums, pieces bursting with ruffles could possibly be everyone’s new season must-haves.

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