PFW Spring 2013: Céline makes a rare misstep with furry, Big Bird-like pumps
Posted by on October 1, 2012 | 2:50 pm EST

Céline's furry pumps

Look who’s making the big move from Sesame Street to high fashion. Count Dracula, Big Bird and Elmo just marked their first runway debut at Céline’s Paris Fashion Week show today; sending fashion media on a wild and frantic goose chase to pin down whatever went wrong with Phoebe Philo’s mind throughout her footwear design process. As if the appearance on fur in spring isn’t unconventional enough, Philo decided to test the boundaries of our sartorial taste by sending out furry shoes that hurt our hearts, pain our eyes and destroys our childhood.

You had to be blind to miss these fur-covered pumps—pictured above in lavender, yellow and red—that go against all the breeziness, comfort and lightness that prevail during spring. Colorful fur always looks glorious of course, especially since they resemble some of our favorite Sesame Street characters. However, incorporating them into classic pumps is an entirely different story.

With a set of eyes and lashes, you get to parade in Big Bird’s world-famous yellowness right there. For the more eclectic in their choice Sesame Street characters, Céline also brought Elmo and Count Dracula-inspired pumps, which were still every bit ugly. Not one of the three choices however, can justify the reason behind these shoe designs.

Besides the fact that they look chunky and clumsy, they appear too delicate for a spring season spin. With spring and summer season being all for free-spirited activities, it’s easy to lose their pristine condition and get befuddled in street grime and whatnot.

More weird furry shoes from Céline

Moving on from the colorful fur pumps, Philo stunned us—in a terrible, non-exciting way, that is—with her numerous variations on furry and fuzzy footwear. There were mannish Birkenstock-like sandals that had fur carpets for insoles. Another variation saw pee-toe designs unforgivingly wrapped in luxurious fur. Thinking that the furry pairs weren’t questionable enough, Philo got even more unusually adventurous with one nude and wooden-heeled pump painted with red nails on the toe box.

Céline’s spring 2013 pieces were all sorts of beautiful alright, proving once again that she’s just as adept in bringing out the beauty in streamlined aesthetics as Raf Simons, Jil Sander or even Hedi Slimane. While her collection need not be dissected for they were impeccably done, there’s still much to be discussed about Philo’s odd and unexpected footwear lineup for spring.

We don’t need to reiterate the extent of our dismay with Philo’s footwear point of view for spring. However, we would like to know if you love these shoes or hate them like we do. Is it a hesitant yay or a massive nay?

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