PFW Spring 2013: Louis Vuitton sharpens spring shoes
Posted by on October 4, 2012 | 9:42 am EST

Louis Vuitton's spring 2013 shoes

Similar to how he bannered graphic heaviness over at his namesake label back in New York, Marc Jacobs also portrayed a wee bit of visual brazenness when it came time to present Louis Vuitton’s spring 2013 collection in Paris. While stripes carved the biggest visual story at Marc Jacobs, checked prints steered the sail at Louis Vuitton.

Besides the overt cheeriness of the collection, Jacobs’ shoe lineup for the fashion house caught our eyes. Just as the dresses were graphic and architectural, so were the severely pointed kitten-heeled shoes that swarmed the summery yellow runway. Minimalistic and cheeky all at the same time, we actually are quite fond of this seemingly office-friendly, street-savvy design.

The shoes may share the same structure, but Jacobs made sure to throw in diversity into the mix. Some arrived in the same checked patterns as the garments, while others had a minor lace-up detail. Several pairs boasted of art-deco inspiration, with a rectangular embellishment decorating the top of the toe box.

This amazing play on geometry collided super sharp toe boxes with a thin, rectangular heel. They look fragile alright, but we can’t help but wish, want and desire this visual spectacle of a shoe collection to carve its own niche next spring. How do you like these bewitching shoes from Louis Vuitton?

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