PFW Spring 2013: Oversized accessories steal the show at Chanel
Posted by on October 3, 2012 | 6:40 pm EST

Chunky pearl accessories at Chanel

There’s no escaping the fact that the Chanel show during Paris Fashion Week is always the most awaited and anticipated. With Karl Lagerfeld always out to impress the eager fashion public, a breathtaking spectacle is almost always what awaits the label’s powerful front row attendees and crowd. Such was the case at the label’s spring 2013 runway show, where gigantic wind turbines decorated the solar panel-like runway.

With such an impressive—and humongous—runway set making everyone look like diminutive ants amid its grandeur, Lagerfeld’s lineup of spring accessories was ready to battle for catwalk attention.

It appears like the accessory memo was all about exaggeration. Oversized pearl necklaces were piled on the models’ necks, while giant pearl cuffs dangled on one arm. Although this excess and grandness is not for everyone, we have to admit that it makes for an interesting and exciting spring statement. It exuded of the familiar classiness we’re used to from Chanel, only they’re blown up to gigantic proportions.

Giant bags and sun hats at Chanel

Although we loved the jewelry, we can’t say the same for the sun hats and hula hoop bags. The hula hoop bags, which arrived in the label’s iconic quilted leather, were fitted with enormous hula hoop-like handles. Besides looking weird and being impractical, we doubt we can carry this bag without hitting anyone whenever we move.

Several models also sashayed down the runway clutching sun hats that were made from clear vinyl. We love our sun hats here at Fashion Glamour, but we’re just bothered by how much it looks like clear glass ready to slice someone’s skin in half.

While Lagerfeld delivered a strong collection hinged greatly on the storied fashion house’s chic and classy history, and its current creative genius’ love for innovation, this parade of supersized humor is perhaps what we will remember the most. The hula hoop bag and wide-brimmed sun hats may not be up our alley, but we’re definitely keeping our eyes peeled for the arrival of those beautiful pearl jewelry.

What do you think of Lagerfeld’s oversized accessories for spring?

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