Remembering D&G’s spring runway show
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There’s no stopping Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana from pulling the plug on the young and vibrant spirit of their supplementary D&G line. Even though this is old news—reported way back in September—we still can’t fathom the fact that we’re saying adieu to all the prints, jewelry and sultriness that we’ve grown particularly fond of.

With D&G officially shutting down after spring, Fashion Glamour took a slow and steady walk back to their bold, bright spring showing—remembering the twill silk foulards that were fabricated, knotted and tailored to cocktail perfection. If their last runway show is any indication of what the designers are up to next, we reckon we haven’t seen the last of D&G’s exorbitant aesthetics.

In this article, we curate the key items that defined D&G’s spring endeavors. We’re turning the spotlight on the all-too-often unnoticed details—shoes, bags, hats, knots and belts—that spoke just as loud as the exciting and vivid garments that thrilled everyone in the audience. Yes, even the ones who elbowed their way into the show.


Although it’s the clothes that are usually the first thing we notice, our eyes quickly zoomed in on the models’ feet as soon as the first model emerged. To be frank, we haven’t seen anything this exciting, romantic and feminine in the footwear industry until these lovely scarf-wrapped wedges came traipsing down the D&G runway. Visually-exciting and refreshingly youthful, these pairs literally kicked off the show for the entire Fashion Glamour team. The softness of the fabric and how it delicately hugs the ankles afforded a surprising allure we simply couldn’t shun.


The hats weren’t spared from Dolce and Gabbana’s onslaught of big and bold pieces for spring. The rustic flair of straw and raffia hats was dressed to the nines, as loosely wrapped scarves lend a finishing touch of luxury. These pieces may be a tad showy for some women, but we think the coverage these provide is what you just need this season.


With all the fabulous dresses, incredible shoes and amazing jewelry to spot, there’s nothing wrong in saying that belts are almost always pushed to the background. That’s not the case however, for the D&G show, were the belts made headlines as well. While the norm is to wear a stand-out belt, we appreciate D&G’s efforts to create belts that blend insanely well to your outfit. As if the barrage of colors and prints stamped on every garment weren’t enough, D&G added these accessories which surprisingly helped create a more streamlined finish to each look.


Even the bags carried the colorful youthfulness of the spring D&G aesthetic, arriving in vibrant quilted twill fabrics. Since this is their last runway show, there’s a miniscule slant towards tackiness that is safely pulled back by its unpretentious and unrestrained playfulness. What stole the handbag parade were the dazzling wrist straps, which feature dangling golden coins. There seems to be a chorus of chinks as each model walked down the runway with those beauties in their hands.


We were floored with how D&G took the elegance of twill silk foulards and seamlessly knotted and wrapped them into a beautiful array of dresses, shirts and shorts. Through these constructions, each garment painted a picture of sensuality that was scenic on and off the runway. The unevenness of it all, the unfinished quality of the pieces, successfully captured the spirit of the season in true D&G style.

Images from Dolce & Gabbana

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