Seeing Double: Mango vs Victoria Beckham
Posted by on August 29, 2012 | 11:30 am EST

Seeing Double: Mango vs Victoria Beckham

It’s an open secret that high street fashion retailers take their ideas from many designers’ runway collections. We didn’t need to look far and wide when we spotted this Kate Moss-fronted Mango ad, for instance. Immediately, our mind wandered back to the Victoria Beckham fall show in February where we first spotted this design.

Clearly inspired by the 10th look of Beckham’s fall collection, we can’t begin to enumerate the many “inspirations” they took from the designer’s four-digit creation. To start the comparison, both dresses boast of the same military-like colors and silhouette. The black contrast pockets on the side of the hips on Beckham’s design also appeared on the Mango dress. The high street retailer even retained the pocket placement, shushing all efforts to reinvent the original design. From the waist up, Mango turned to the succeeding look from the collection for inspiration. Although the retailer tweaked it a little bit by fashioning the entire sleeve in black and gashing a faux V-neckline, the details are too similar to be considered coincidental.

While imitation, as they say, is the sincerest form of flattery, we’re a bit disappointed every time something like this happens. Has there been an exodus of creative people in high street boutiques that leave them with nary an option but to peruse designers’ collections for inspiration? Tell us, do you think the affordable Mango dress, retailing for $29.99, is a total ripoff of Beckham’s thousand-dollar designs?

Photos from Mango and Victoria Beckham

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