Seeing Double: Miu Miu vs Grey Ant
Posted by on January 13, 2013 | 6:06 pm EST

Miu Miu vs Grey Ant

Who would’ve thought we’d talk about Miu Miu and Grey Ant in one article? Well, it’s happening now. In Miu Miu’s spring 2013 campaign, the brand unveiled a series of photos featuring a model posing with a pair of sawed off sunglasses on. It’s easy to assume that this cutting edge pair will redefine the eyewear market because of its seriously fashion-forward make.

Unfortunately, these sunglasses aren’t exactly new because they were originally released in 2011 – no, not by Miu Miu but by the Grey Ant brand. The pair, called Wax #4, is in fact still available on the brand’s website for $260. A closer look at Grey Ant’s design does make us wonder. It’s the same design as Miu Miu’s, only they have slightly smaller frames.

With Grey Ant rightfully describing these sunglasses as “slightly badass,” we wonder how Miu Miu will position theirs. To say it’s “definitely badass” is a dead giveaway. Do you think this is a mere coincidence?

[Photo Credits: Miu Miu and Grey Ant]

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