Seeing Double: Textured-leather ankle boots
Posted by on May 1, 2012 | 3:20 pm EST

No two minds think alike—or so they say. Despite the originality and innovation that each fashion designer strives for, the possibility of sharing nearly-similar visions are startlingly high in this beautifully chaotic industry. Whether it is the silhouette, the color or the embellishments, you’ll be surprised by how often these instances occur—though design inspiration can be derived from the commonest of things to the most unnervingly mundane.

In an industry where every tiny detail counts, it can be a nightmarish ordeal to release a design that has already been seen though most of the time; it really is an unfortunate stroke of bad luck. Today, for instance, we found these eerily similar Chelsea boots from two noteworthy labels: Burberry and Jil Sander. What surprised us is the most is that these two fashion houses don’t even share the similar aesthetics. Jil Sander, as we all know, is all about structure and minimalism while absolute British coolness is the vibe of Burberry.

Looking at the two pairs, it’s easy to assume that the similarities between the two go on forever. Both have heels measuring an inch, have elasticated side panels, and are pull ons. There are still however, miniscule differences that sets apart one from the other—aside from the Burberry pair standing several inches taller. Although these are virtually unnoticeable, the Burberry boots feature a slightly more slender toe box, while the Jil Sander boots are much rounder. The pull tabs use differing fabrics as well, with Burberry opting for leather. The biggest disparity however, is in the heel counter. The seams on the Jil Sander pair run in the middle, in contrast to the Burberry pair which features two parallel seams.

This friendly competition Fashion Glamour is brewing is all fun and games though. Both pairs exude effortless chicness and urban androgyny that are a step towards spring coolness. Come to think of it, each pair has elements seemingly inspired from the two labels—clean and understated, but on trend and contemporary. Even in pricing, the two brands were treading the same path. Burberry’s ankle boots retail for $695, while Jil Sander offers it for $675 at Net-a-Porter.

Boots may not be the season’s most coveted pair, but seeing these shoes from Burberry and Jil Sander may just have changed that. We’re pretty sure you don’t want to be asked, but we’ll ask anyway—which one’s your favorite?

Images from Net-a-Porter

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