Shoe Spotting: Pierre Hardy continues sports-luxe trend
Posted by on July 17, 2012 | 2:15 pm EST

The season’s sports-luxe trend is still sauntering on, as designers continue to pit the best of designer wear and casual sports aesthetics into garments, accessories and more importantly, sneakers. As previously reported by Fashion Glamour, sneakers have truly breached designer territory, becoming one of this season’s most favored footwear. Their popularity can also be owed to its unquestionable transeasonal appeal and straightforward versatility.

Further proof of its current indispensability this season is the nonstop arrival of edgy, fashion-forward sneakers that transcend the commonality of rubber soles and Velcro straps. From stuffed monkeys to murderous studs, designers have truly pushed the boundaries of what they can affix onto sneakers. Today however, we fix our gaze onto a luxurious designer pair from Pierre Hardy that is perfectly stylish without veering too far away from its athletic roots.

These leather-trimmed canvas high-top sneakers, which will set you back $495, will kick in a bevy of sport-grounded looks. While there have been no shortage of big, bulky and boisterous designs, we love the seemingly minimalist impact these shoes bring. The black and white lining nicely contrasted the shoe’s blush canvas. Although there’s still a feeling of bulkiness with the Velcro strap, the graphic-heavy, embellishment-free body balanced it out. Merging the best of both worlds, this could be one of the most cleverly designed pairs we’ve seen so far.

Even though a number of style mavens have already been on the sneaker wagon for two seasons, it isn’t too late to try the trend. Just picture Kate Bosworth rocking sneakers with a breezy skirt or Miranda Kerr who cannot err—no pun intended—when she slips into a sneaker-and-jeans wardrobe to get you into the sneaker mindset.

Photos from Net-a-Porter

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