Slapped HL Group PR exec files lawsuit
Posted by on November 11, 2012 | 10:00 am EST

Zac Posen spring 2013 show

Lynn Tesoro, the PR executive from HL Group who got slapped following a seating debacle at Zac Posen’s spring/summer 2013 show, is fighting back with a heavy-hitting legal slap. Tesoro, who happens to be the founding partner of PR firm HL Group, filed a lawsuit against slapper Jalouse editor Jennifer Eymere, her mother Marie-José Susskind-Jalou and Vanessa Bellugeon ofL’Officiel.

The lawsuit, filed on Thursday, accuses Eymere of libel, Susskind-Jaloue of battery, and assault and slander against all three. Although current word is trickling in that Tesoro is asking for unspecified damages, it can be recalled that previous reports claimed of $1 million in damages.

Eymere, who admitted to slapping Tesoro, previously claimed that it was just a “minor” slap. However, the lawsuit dismisses that and instead emphasizes that it was a hard slap, one that physically hurt the PR exec. Further, the lawsuit claims that beyond the physical pain of the slap, it’s how it “injured” her company and “humiliated” her as a person that really throbbed.

We can’t quite figure out who has the upper hand here, but we will be watching this case like a hawk to see how this slap swells. If there’s anything we can be sure of however, it’s that we won’t be seeing the two working together anytime soon. Do you think there’s still time for the two parties to make amends?

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