Sophistication and quirkiness collide in these Judith Lieber minaudieres
Posted by on May 13, 2012 | 3:23 pm EST

Minaudieres from Judith Lieber

Minaudieres have gained a reputation for being a fashion accessory more than a functional handbag, but women are forever captured by the miniature majesty this expensive compartment. Judith Lieber is one of the most prominent designers in this circle, who started as a handbag designer for other companies but eventually set out to create handbags that carried her name. Though Lieber has retired from designing handbags, her exquisite and extravagant taste lives on.

The Hungary-born designer, known for her luxurious minaudieres, catches the Fashion Glamour spotlight with three gorgeously-intricate designs that uphold the fine craftsmanship of the brand. More than a choice handbag for evening soirees, these are in reality, elegant fashion accessories that beam with sophistication albeit diminutive in size. Although these handpicked designs lean more towards the quirkier side of things, they remain every bit stylish—with a massive statement-making aesthetic to boot.

Louise Crystal Cardinal Minaudiere | $4,295
Louise Crystal Cardinal Minaudiere | $4,295

Many designers have surprised with their bizarre creations, including this Louise Crystal Cardinal Minaudiere. Adorned with delicate crystals in a sundry of colors, the label has indeed created this piece with only one thing in mind: seize the spotlight. We at Fashion Glamour are in awe with the intricate placements—hand beaded, of course—of the crystals that elegantly captured the minutest of details. Trust the Lieber label to transcend the limits of sophistication with its clever and bold rarities.

Lucille Crystal Poodle Minaudiere | $5,195
Lucille Crystal Poodle Minaudiere | $5,195

Animal-shaped minaudieres have been Judith Lieber’s favorite theme, which makes a valid excuse to include this adorable Lucille Crystal Poodle Minaudere in the label’s spring collection. A limited edition collector’s item, this bag is actually too small to fit a phone, but would be enough to carry small beauty essentials, car keys or jewelry. Often you chance upon a designer with a vision so different from the version that makes you want to question his/her intent behind his/her designs—something which we feel is the case with this bag. While it’s easier to scorn this design, we have to admit at the charm this poodle-shaped minaudirie possesses.

Crystal Carousel Minaudiere | $6,195
Crystal Carousel Minaudiere | $6,195

This lavish Crystal Carousel Minaudiere tops our list of the most luxurious minaudieres from Judith Lieber—so far. The first time saw this handbag, images of our childhood days came flashing right before our eyes. Although the word eclectic is begging to escape our tongues, we’re putting out the word charming instead. Indeed, it is beaming with child-like inspirations albeit seemingly inappropriately attached to a supposedly-sophisticated minaudiere. Nevertheless, one has to appreciate the effort that was put into creating this 3D-like handbag and all of its 9,861 crystal decorations.

Images from Judith Leiber

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