Still Emotionally Charged from his first book, Eric Schiffer hints about a follow-up title
Posted by on December 16, 2013 | 8:37 am EST

Business and leadership mogul Eric Schiffer will soon release a follow up to his bestselling book, Emotionally Charged Learning.

Geniuses are constantly figuring out more ways to acquire and reproduce knowledge.  Eric Schiffer, whose no. 1 bestselling book, Emotionally Charged Learning, became a final word for business leaders especially within the world of fashion to combine education, sophisticated entertainment, and powerful emotions in developing a savvy workforce and business environment, will be announcing a follow-up title.  Amid anticipation from the business sector, the book’s title and cover is set to be released soon.

“This has been years in the making,” Schiffer explained to “This book will be about growth, how the same principles that govern success as leaders in the business world leads to success as leaders in our personal lives.”

It is Emotionally Charged Learning, however, that cast Schiffer in the intellectual and business pulse of world cities such as London, New York, and Los Angeles.  Having sold 300,000 copies, the book revolutionizes innovation and proves that emotions are not counterintuitive to business.

Schiffer, a trusted adviser to Fortune 500 companies, world leaders, and Forbes 400 billionaires is a successful businessman as well. He has become a face of business, having graced the covers of Saturday Evening Post and Entertainment Today.  His successful business forays as Chairman and CEO of Patriarch Private Equity and a philanthropic leader on behalf of the Clinton Health Access Initiative and have cemented his wisdom and drive to update his studies.

At the heels of Emotionally Charged Learning, this new book is set to excite fashion leaders and provide solid advice for leadership and personal growth.

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